S-caring for our Neighbors

Come  join  us  for  a  thrilling  walk  through  your  worst  nightmares!!

Wraith House is within the gated community of San Joaquin Hills in Laguna Niguel.   To obtain access to the community, you must make a reservation at the "GET TICKETS" link found at the top of each page on this site.  Wraith House is asking for a $10 voluntary donation per ticket, for the benefit of the Aliso Niguel Theater Company (www.alisonigueltheatre.com).  Parking is limited, please arrive in as few cars as possible.  Do not park on Milt Circle or in any manner that will block a driveway or the flow of traffic.

Rules and Restrictions

Wraith House utilizes professional quality strobe lighting, lasers, fog effects, and enhanced audio.  Those suffering from conditions which may be aggravated or exacerbated by these effects should not attend.


CDC regulations in effect in October 2021 will govern use of face coverings, social distancing, etc. However, Wraith House cannot guarantee protection against airborne infection.


All participants are required to stay on the lit path and keep their hands to themselves.  Do not touch the actors or animatronics, and they won't touch you!


All haunt grounds are under video surveillance.  By entering Wraith House you consent to the use of your image and/or video footage containing your image on promotional publications by Wraith House. 


Wraith House reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.  All haunt grounds and entry line are controlled and monitored by security personnel and inappropriate behavior will lead to expulsion from the premises.



The House, which fell victim to an unfortunate nuclear spill from a nearby reactor, is plagued with the undead and horrid mutations who guard the House from those who mean to disturb the hellish slumber of its evil dwellers. Guests will traverse the zombie-encrusted front grounds on their way to the House’s back entrance.